Golden mask of king tutankhamun

golden mask of king tutankhamun

Tutankhamun was only the age of nine when he became king of Egypt during the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom (c. – B.C.E.). His story would have. This mask of Tutankhamun is an example of the highest artistic and technical from the Book of the Dead, the mask ensured more protection for the king's body. A British Egyptologist has found new evidence suggesting the death mask of ancient Egyptian king Tutankhamun was not made for him – in fact.

Golden mask of king tutankhamun - tragen

Tutankhamun died in about BC aged roughly 19 after reigning for nine years. The restoration included a 3D scan of the mask as well as warming it to allow the glue to be removed. It is made of gold which is inlaid with semi-precious stones, coloured glass paste and the eyes are made with obsidian and quartz. The ends of the golden collar are decorated with the head of a falcon encrusted with obsidian and semi-precious stones. Carter, Mace and an Egyptian worker carefully roll up the linen pall covering the second shrine, 30th October

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